Monday, January 5, 2009

Looking Forward To 2009

Well, there are a lot of different sources out there debating upcoming consumer and retail trends for 2009. Here are a few from Jeremy and the peeps over at Trend Hunter that I think stand out.

Return To The Kitchen
Heading into a year of tough times for many of us, look for more people to be spending more time in the kitchen. Dining out can be expensive so people will be more inclined to spend those special nights at home over a meal they have prepared with some of their newly purchased kitchen gadgets and accessories. Would also seem like a good time to buy that time on or sponsor targeted cooking shows and chefs.

Hollywood Viral
Watch for more and more stars as they take their craft online to promote themselves and their upcoming projects. We have all seen Paris Hilton's mock presidential ads, Will Ferrell's Funny Guy site and 50-Cent's million member MySpace page. With most of Hollywood's target online, this is where the stars will need to be to connect and continue to develop relationships with their fans.

Shockvertising 2.0
With marketing budgets dropping, watch for companies as they start to push to get more bang for their buck (a good sign for those of us in activation and promotions). They will continue to look for something that will drive even more word of mouth both on and off line. The Showtime TV show 'Dexter' stood out recently for it's new season with everything from bloody urinals to severed hands in butcher shop windows. It's time to risk a little more to try and make a bigger mark.

Ageless Inspiration
From 41 year-old Olympians, to 80 year-old YouTube stars, we are seeing many changes in the way 'seniors' are defined moving forward. With many boomers approaching the age of retirement, we will see a big push on products and services targeted at this massive market. 60 is the new 40!

Physical Customization
People want to make products their own, have some fun and be individuals. Converse, Nike and Steve Madden are just a few of the brands that have jumped on this 'brandwagon' and allowing consumers to customize their products to fit their personality. Watch for this trend continue to grow in 2009.


  1. These are some interesting trends for 2009. It's hard enough to guess the next big thing these days. It's nice to see a blog that has set a goal to round these up. Very useful.

    I look forward to seeing some of these examples popping up this year.


  2. Physical customization is really a key thing. We will be seeing a lot more of it moving fwd.